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HANGING POMS, MINI POMS: If you are going to hang your poms  from the ceiling, it is easiest if you attach your string before you  start to open your poms.  First, make sure the wire around the centre of the pom is as close to the exact centre as possible – this ensures your poms will be even and circular, not lopsided! The easiest way is to fold pom in half to find the real centre point, then shimmy the wire to that location. Now, cut your desired length of string ( I have included a yard for each pom, but they look fantastic if you do some at different heights!), slip one end under the wire and tie a double knot.  Just repeat for each pom, and Voila – ready to be opened and hung!

Now to fluff those beauties up! Place unopened pom on a flat surface and take the folds and gently spread them out, so that the unopened pom resembles a round flower (or two Japanese fans, depending on what floats your boat). It will not flatten all the way, but this will make pulling up each layer of tissue much less tedious!

Now you can start separating those layers of tissue. It is easiest if you go counter-clockwise (if right handed, vise versa for you lefties). Pull up one layer of tissue paper at a time, pulling up in sections – do not try to pull up the whole sheet at once, it will rip (for the first few pulls, please go extra gentle until you get used to how much force you can use without ripping paper!) IF YOUR POM DOES RIP, do not fret – the beauty of these lovelies is that once they are opened they are very forgiving and hide your rips and crinkles! Now take a breath and continue – try to pull from the centre, not the ends of the petals – your poms will come out much fuller if you pull them up as far as you can from the core of the pom (where the wire ties it together).

This method will be used to separate the whole pom. For best results, separate half the sheets on one side, turn the half-opened pom over and start separating the sheets on the other side (once you are finished both these sides, it will look like half a pom with a flat bottom). Half way there! Now flip over the pom – do not place on a flat surface, it will crush! – gently hold in one hand. This feels awkward at first, but will become easier as you go.  Repeat the separating procedure you used for the first half and voila – a full pom! Now you can style it and make sure it is uniform. Find the wire centre and gently hold in one hand while using thumb and index finger of other hand to gently tug on and move around sections of petals until the pom is round.

You can now hang – for temporary use like parties, tape works wonders, as well as simply knotting around beams, rafters and branches outdoors. For permanent use like in nurseries or for other home décor, I recommend clear pushpins.  Wrap string around plastic part first a few times, and then wrap it around the metal pin before you push it into the ceiling.

POMPOM GARLANDS: SImply cut your string to the length you want your garland to be. Remember to include extra length on each end to tie the garland up. Now simply slide the string through the centre wire on each pom in the order you want them to appear on your garland. Now slide them apart to however you would like them to be spaced on your garland. Now follow the same steps as hanging poms. HINT: To avoid tangling while you fluff each pom, sit at a table and let the garland dangle freely over the edge. This lets the garland twist while you fluff each pom and avoids the tangle mess that can happen if you don’t let the string continuously twist and turn!

Please send pictures of your events and décor – I hold monthly contests for those who send photos – you could win free poms for your next event!

If you have any questions, please contact us at underthepomtree@gmail.com!